Daring Woman Media is a boutique, digital media and publishing with big goals. Our mission is to give women a platform to share their stories of inspiration, heartache, love, wisdom and experience.

Whether it’s about business and entrepreneurialism, or relationships and sexuality, fashion, home décor, nutrition and wellness, Daring Woman Media is for women to showcase their expertise and know that their words are giving someone else the hope, knowledge and motivation they need.

Daring Woman Media is about making a difference in the lives of women around the world.

We're doing this in multiple ways.

  • The blog. Think HuffPost meets Victoria's Secret. Our blog will have a little business, life, sex, beauty and more.
  • The magazine. Daring Woman Magazine is a monthly, digital magazine that is free to subscribers. Envision Cosmo, Home and Garden and Entrepreneur all rolled into one sexy, bold publication.
  • The podcast. The Daring Woman podcast showcases incredible women who have heartwarming stories to tell of their journey to become an entrepreneur. Listeners not only get the sense that they are not alone in their journey, but also learn valuable information to grow their businesses exponentially.
  • The publishing. If you have a story to tell, you have a book inside you, we're here to help you get your book out to the world.

That's just for starters! More to come.

I'm excited to finally be following my heart and sharing it with you.